LiFePo4 Battery Packs and Systems

  • 76.8V 72V 300Ah-A
76.8V 72V 300Ah-A

76.8V 72V 300Ah-A

  • 76.8V 72V 300Ah Battery
  • LiFePo4 Battery
  • LiFePo4 Pouch Cell
  • Lithium Iron Battery Cell
  • Product description:

6000 cycles 76.8V 72V 300Ah Forklift Battery

1. Model: IFR 36130290-100AH

2. Casing material for single cell: Nickel plated steel

3. Standard capacity(0.5CA): 300Ah

4. Rated voltage: 76.8V

5. Max.Charge voltage: 87.6V

6. Cut-off voltage: 66V

7. Standard charge current: 100A

8. Charging Time: About3h

9. Continuous discharge current: 150A

10. Peak discharge current: 200A

11. Battery dimension:570*500*310mm

12. Total weight(Approx.): ≤300kg

13. Charge method (CC/CV): Standard 0℃~45;discharge -20℃~60;storage -20℃~45

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