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  • 48V 100Ah-A
48V 100Ah-A

48V 100Ah-A

  • 48V 100Ah Battery
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48V 100Ah Battery

1. Combination method: 15S2P

2. Rated Capacity: 100AH

3. Factory Voltage: 48-50V

4. Voltage at end of Discharge: 41.25-42V

5. Charging Voltage: 54-55V

6. Internal Impedance: ≤150mΩ

7. Standard charge: Constant Current 20A;Constant Voltage see No.5;0.01CA cut-off

8. Standard discharge: Constant current 20A;end voltage see No.4

9. Maximum Continuous Charge Current: Constant current 100A;end voltage see No.5

10. Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: Constant current 150A;end voltage see No.4

11. Operation Temperature Range: 1) Charge: 0~50℃;2)Discharge -20~50℃

12. Storage Temperature Range: 1)Less than 12 months:-10~35℃;2)Less than 3 months:-10~45℃;3)Less than 7 days:-20~65℃

13. Dimensions: 473*440*221mm

14. Weight: 60kg

15. Volumetric specific energy: 105WH/L

16. Gravimetric specific energy: 80WH/KG 

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